Period Box Starter Kit

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  • No chlorine
  • No pesticides
  • Organic
  • Eco-conscious

Your Period Starter Kit includes:

12 (regular) pads with wings

3 (heavy) pads with wings

5 (heavy) night pads with wings

2 (heavy) extra long night pads with wings

10 thin panty liners

1 mini toiletry pouch to take your essentials with you on the go

5 (regular) tampons

3 (super) tampons

1 period cup

1 Period Tracker & Journal Combo to keep track of your cycle and experiences! (Downloadable)

How-to-Guide to understanding your period & menstrual hygiene products (Downloadable)

2 surprises!

All the essentials you need, and more!

32 Pads

Whether your flow is light or heavy, our variety of pads got you covered! You’ll have options for day time use with more coverage on your heavy flow days, to night time extra long pads so that you feel secure when you sleep, avoiding leakage.

Educational Materials

We want you to feel prepared, confident, and empowered on your period. With our How-to-Guide to your period and our Period Tracker & Journal Combo for noting your flow and better understanding your body, you’ll be ready for each period to come!

8 Tampons & 1 Period Cup

Even though you may not feel comfortable using these products for your first periods, we want to share them with you so that you are aware of your options and how they are used

You can also join our monthly App Subscription for exclusive gamified educational content and access to our community!

Partake in fun, educational, gamified content while you learn about menstruation and puberty! Plus, you can feel comfortable asking your anonymous questions in a safe environment, where they will be answered by real health professionals.

And we give back to the community!

For each Period Starter Kit purchased, we donate menstrual hygiene products to those in need within the USA.