Puberry App (Web & Mobile)

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Puberry's curriculum and EdTech app enable interactive, fun, and effective learning that can be used both in and out of the classroom. 

Your Educational Puberty App includes:

EdTech Puberty App

Digital Period Tracker

Gamified educational content

Safe community to share your stories & ask questions

Enables conversations

Fun learning content for 10-18 year olds

✓ Verified by health experts

Easily accessible

Great complement to the classroom!

Interactive for more effective learning

Gamified Educational Content

We are making learning about puberty and menstruation fun! Using light-hearted language, interactive games for effective learning, and ??


Become a part of a safe community where you can share stories and ask anonymous questions that will be answered by professional health experts.

Verified by Health Experts

You can trust that our content is not only fun to learn with but also accurate, consistent, and verified by health professionals!

Digital Period Tracker

Avoid the sudden surprise of your period by tracking your cycle! Plus, tracking your period not only enables you to be preapred, but also teaches you about your own body, hormones, and more!

You can also check out our Period Starter Kit for all your period essentials and more!

Partake in fun, educational, gamified content while you learn about menstruation and puberty! Plus, you can feel comfortable asking your anonymous questions in a safe environment, where they will be answered by real health professionals.

And we give back to the community!

For each Period Starter Kit purchased, we donate menstrual hygiene products to those in need within the USA.