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Period Diaries' EdTech Puberty app & period kit is the 1st integrated solution to tackle period shame at its source.

With more than 44% of girls not knowing what is happening to them during their 1st period, 50% actively hiding it from their friends & family, and 77% requesting more in-depth education about menstrual health in US schools, we're bringing them the solution.

Our EdTech Puberty App & Period Starter Kit is everything a girl will need for her 1st period, so she can focus on celebrating.

Period Diaries enables girls to feel prepared, supported, and confident entering womanhood. Support us and be a part of the change.

Together, we can positively impact the lives of young menstruators. Your funding will go directly to the creation of the app and fulfilling incoming demand for the kits.


Educational Puberty App

$9,99 USD per Month

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Digital Period Tracker

Gamified educational content

Safe community to share your stories & ask questions

Enables conversations

Fun learning content for 10-18 year olds

✓ Verified by health experts

Easily accessible

Great complement to the classroom!

Interactive for more effective learning

  • No chlorine
  • No pesticides
  • Organic
  • Eco-conscious

The Period Starter Kit

$79,99 USD

12 (regular) pads with wings

3 (heavy) pads with wings

5 (heavy) night pads with wings

2 (heavy) extra long night pads with wings

10 thin panty liners

1 mini toiletry pouch to take your essentials with you on the go

5 (regular) tampons

3 (super) tampons

1 period cup

1 Period Tracker & Journal Combo to keep track of your cycle and experiences! (Downloadable)

How-to-Guide to understanding your period & menstrual hygiene products (Downloadable)

2 surprises!

How Your Period Experience Should Be, with Period Diaries

And we give back to the community!

For each Period Starter Kit purchased, we donate menstrual hygiene products to those in need within the USA.